Terms & Conditions

VAT: 14%

Rental Period:

The rental duration is calculated on the basis of indivisible periods of 24 hours, starting from the time the Vehicle is made available. However, a 30 minute grace period is applied at the end of the rental before the start of a new 24-Hour period.

Extension of the Original rental Duration:

The vehicle is insured for the period mentioned on the rental agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Europcar, once this period is passed, the renter remains liable for any damages to Europcar. Should you wish to keep the vehicle for a period longer than that originally set out in the rental agreement, first you must refer back to your booking source and when approved make sure to come in person to a Europcar location to extend the duration of the rental agreement (Based on availability).

Rental Cancellation Policy:

Europcar Egypt have the right to cancel any reservation in case of no show or delay in the following situations; for prepaid reservation with delay more than (6 hours), for pay on arrival reservation: with delay (1 hour). In case flight details are available and communicated, the reservation will not be cancelled.

Driver Age:

Diver’s age differs from each car category. These age calcifications are displayed below:

EDMR, EDAR, CDAR and DDAR: 22 years old

IMAR and SDAR: 25 years old

IFAR and FDAR: 28 years old

Young Driver Charge is 10 USD per day; excluding tax (with maximum 100 USD)

Driving license: Minimum driving license period 1 year, international driving license is mandatory for foreign customers.

Traffic Violation:

During the rental period the customer is fully liable to the vehicle, accordingly if any traffic violation occurs during the rental period, Europcar Egypt has the right to notify and claim the cost of that violation.

Payment Terms:

At the time of vehicle’s check-out rental charges will be collected. Rental payment could be paid in advance or on arrival using a Debit card, credit card or cash. A valid credit card is to be presented on arrival. (No cash deposit is accepted). Additional charges are to be paid on time of return of the vehicle.

Any debit / credit cards without customer name will not be accepted.

Accepted Credit Cards: Master Card & Visa (American Express are not Accepted).

Rental deposit “Excess”:

At the time of vehicle’s check-out, a pre-authorization deposit amount will be blocked on client’s credit card depending on the car category rented and to be released within 21 working days in case no damage occurred. In Case of extension rental deposit must be renewed. This amount is identified as “Excess amount” in the event of damages, traffic fines & dues. In case a damage occurs as a result of reckless or negligent behavior or under the influence of drugs or alcohol the customer might be liable for the full cost. Excess amount is non-refundable in case of minor, major damage or car theft: These deposit calcifications are displayed below:

400 USD for groups: EDMR, EDAR

450 USD for groups: CDAR, DDAR & IMAR

500 USD for groups: FDAR

600 USD for groups: SDAR & IFAR


Insurance & Waivers Information:

“Premium Protection package” is to reduce your excess amount to zero in case of damage to the vehicle caused by collision, theft or attempted theft. It also protects you in the event of damage to the windscreen, glass or tires.

Package 1: For categories EDMR/ EDAR/ CDAR/ DDAR: 15 USD per day, maximum amount 105USD; with minimum of 3 days rental up to 45 days. 46+ Days with 150USD for the whole duration.

Package 2: For categories IMAR/ FDAR/ SDAR/ IFAR: 25 USD per day, maximum amount 175USD; with minimum of 3 days rental up to 45 days. 46+ Days with 250USD for the whole duration.

Insurance doesn’t cover these items in case of damage, miss use or lost. Customer will be charged the following:

-       400$ for groups:  EDAR, CDAR, DDAR, IMAR, EDMR

-       900$ for groups: SDAR, IFAR, FDAR

-       100$ for groups: EDAR, CDAR, DDAR, IMAR, MDMR, EDMR

-       300$ for groups: SDAR, IFAR, FDAR

-       450$ for groups: EDAR, CDAR, DDAR, IMAR, MDMR, EDMR

-       800$ for groups: SDAR, IFAR, FDAR

Extra Services:

Additional Driver: An additional driver can also be authorized if added in the rental agreement and is subjected to all terms and conditions applied to the main driver and will be with an extra 4 USD per day (max. 60 USD) excluded tax.

Chauffeur Service: Available upon request.

Delivery / Collection: Free in Town within 20Km, additional KM amount 1.5$

One-Way Rentals:

After Hour Service: Customer is eligible to collect the vehicle out of working hours with an extra cost of 20$ excluding tax.

Full to full fuel Policy - Refueling full tank charge 35$

Clean to clean policy - Cleaning charge 30$

Child Seat Baby (On request)

Portable Wifi (On request)

Restriction of Use:

Vehicle must not be used under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes; otherwise renter will take full responsibility for all charges set by Europcar:

Call our reservations team: 19348 or +2 010 6500 3000

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